Walk Behind Scrubbing

Walk-behind scrubbers are another popular option for cleaning hard-to-reach locations and performing detailed cleaning tasks.

These machines are designed to provide maneuverability and flexibility, allowing operators to access narrow spaces, corners, and areas where larger ride-on scrubbers may not be able to reach.
Similar to ride-on scrubbers, OCTO’s walk-behind scrubbers come in different configurations, including cylindrical and disc drive models. The choice of machine depends on the specific cleaning needs, surface type, and desired cleaning outcome.
Walk-behind scrubbers are particularly useful for detailed works where precision cleaning is required. They are equipped with adjustable handles and ergonomic designs, allowing operators to comfortably maneuver the machine and maintain control while performing intricate cleaning tasks. These machines are also designed to provide excellent visibility, ensuring that operators can see the cleaning area clearly and effectively remove dirt and stains.

- Warehouses
- Carparks
- Development Projects
- Depots
- Manufacturing facilities
- Retail
- Aerospace Industrial Warehouse
- Public Spaces
- Sport Facilities
- Educational Facilities
- Healthcare Facilities
- Airports and Transport hubs
- Retail Stores
- Entertainment Venues
- Removal of surface grime, dirt and staining
- Streak free finish
- Decrease likelihood of slip hazards
- Ability to cover large areas quickly
- Healthier work environments

OCTO understands the unique requirements of hard-to-reach locations and detailed cleaning tasks. They provide a range of walk-behind scrubbers that can be tailored to suit specific environments and cleaning needs. Their expert technicians can assess the cleaning requirements of an area, recommend the most suitable machine and cleaning agents, and provide customized cleaning solutions for optimal results.

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