Road Sweeping

Clearing the Path to Cleanliness with OCTO’s Road Sweeping experts.

Octo specialize in keeping roads, streets, and public spaces immaculate through efficient and thorough road sweeping units. Octo’s dedicated team ensures that your outdoor spaces remain clean, safe, and inviting.
Industries OCTO serve:
- Roading
- Government bodies & council
- Property management
- Construction
- Commercial and industrial
- Event management

- Unparalleled Cleanliness – Advanced road sweeping technology and skilled operators guarantee thorough removal of debris, dust, leaves, and litter, creating a spotless and pristine environment.
- Enhanced Safety - Clean roads and surfaces aren’t just visually appealing – they’re also safer. By eliminating hazards such as loose gravel and debris, we contribute to reducing accidents and ensuring smooth traffic flow.
- Environmental Responsibility – Octo is committed to sustainability. Octos road sweeping methods are designed to minimize environmental impact while maximizing results.

Schedules can be tailor-made to work in with your hours of operation to reduce any disruption to your business. All operators are specialised and trained in line with the machinery manufacturer.

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