Ride-On Mechanical Scrubbing

When industrial surfaces require frequent and thorough cleaning, ride-on scrubbers will help keep your facility looking at its best. Ride-on machine scrubbing, also known as commercial scrubbing, is a highly efficient and effective method used to clean large areas.

These machines come in various configurations, including cylindrical and disc drive, to address specific cleaning challenges.
The choice of machine depends on the surface type, the level of dirt build-up, and the desired cleaning outcome.
Additionally, ride-on scrubbers are equipped with large water tanks and high-capacity detergent dispensers, ensuring continuous cleaning without frequent refills.

- Warehouses
- Carparks
- Development Projects
- Depots
- Manufacturing facilities
- Retail
- Aerospace Industrial Warehouse
- Public Spaces
- Sport Facilities
- Educational Facilities
- Healthcare Facilities
- Airports and Transport hubs
- Retail Stores
- Entertainment Venues
- Removal of surface grime, dirt and staining
- Streak free finish
- Decrease likelihood of slip hazards
- Ability to cover large areas quickly
- Healthier work environments

To tailor their services to specific environments, OCTO offers customizable cleaning solutions. Their trained technicians can assess the cleaning needs of an area and determine the appropriate machine, cleaning agents, and techniques required to achieve optimal results. This ensures that each environment receives a tailored cleaning approach that maximizes cleanliness and minimizes the risk of damage to the surfaces being cleaned.

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