Air Sweeping

OCTO introduces its state-of-the-art Air Sweeping system,
designed specifically for public environments.

Equipped with a pressure washer and dust suppression equipment, OCTO’s Air Sweeping offers efficient cleaning while ensuring a clean and safe atmosphere. With its quiet operation and innovative features, OCTO’s Air Sweeping solution sets a new standard for effective cleaning in public spaces.
- Efficient Cleaning with Pressure Washer
- Dust Suppression
- Quiet Operation for Minimal Disruption:
- Versatility in Public Environments
- All hours of operation
- Can sweep a multitude of debris and general rubbish
- Preventative long term maintenance plan
- Compact in size and width to allow access into small places

OCTO’s Air Sweeping system is well-suited for a wide range of public environments.
Whether it’s
- city streets
- side walks
- parks
- plazas
- promenades
- outdoor spaces

The pressure washer efficiently tackles dirt and stains on pavements, while the dust suppression equipment ensures minimal dust dispersal, enhancing air quality. By utilizing OCTO’s Air Sweeping system, public areas can maintain a pristine appearance, promoting cleanliness and a positive experience for visitors.

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